PNW radio and kpnw-db

Yep, we’re the same thing. PNWRadio is our parent organization working through the non-profit process, KPNW-DB is our assigned call letters for our webcast station. Please don’t get us confused with KPNW in Oregon (a terrestrial station) or which is a hard rock station in canada. We are either or Share our address with your friends if they like fun, easy listening, […]

Music times

If you’re looking for a genre on the station, here’s a few hints: 5-9 am is instrumental and laid back, perfect for that first cup of coffee in the morning. 10am to 5pm is a broad genre group with everything easy going from blues, folk rock, bluegrass, a bit of country and some light rock mixed in. Sort of like the Pacific Northwest weather, if […]

Upcoming Programs for the weekend

On Saturday at 9am we have Rising Up with Sonali, an interesting News/Talk show that looks at the latest issues from the news, at 11 am on Saturday it’s our show Bandcamp Highlights, a bands from 7 different genres that are amazing and can be found on Bandcamp, while at 4 pm we have The Spin, music oriented of course. On Sunday get the kids […]

Under Construction

Lots of links not working and skimpy information you think. Well we’re working hard on the site but we wanted to get the stream up and running for your listening pleasure. Bear with us as we expand the site and the music on the station and start bringing you local shows and events.