October fun, and updates

Been a busy month of visiting with and interviewing folks.  Into the Arts is well on it’s way, we kicked it off with Kenneth Kearney, Wildlife Photographer, followed that up with Cheryl Crooks from the International Womens film festival, and this week is Baby Cakes, a local amazing band many of  you have seen.  The last week of October we are going to have a […]

October update, new shows, new music

Into the Arts begins in October.  Starting off with Kenneth Kearney Photography on October 2nd at noon and October 5th at 6pm.  Followed up the next week by the Cascadia Int. Women’s Film Festival, then Baby Cakes with big news about their first album, and rounding out the month, the Whatcom Art Market a best kept secret in Fairhaven.  We are also pleased to be […]

Smithsonian Museum Day is September 23rd

The Smithsonian Museum Day is on September 23rd, and local museums are participating. The Smithsonian recognizes the extraordinary power of museums, and other cultural institutions, to provide visitors with insight and inspiration. This event represents a nationwide commitment to boundless curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge wherever you are. Over 200,000 people downloaded tickets for last year’s event, and this year’s event is expected to […]

Updates, new music and more

It’s been a busy summer, trying to suppport 2 stations has been a bit of a struggle but getting closer to being able to spend some serious time on KPNW-DB.  You can visit with us at the Commercial St. Night Market on August 18th downtown or email us anytime, or visit our Facebook page KPNW-DB and leave a message there.  Our FB page could use […]

Music, music, everywhere

Hi all,   Adding new music so often I can’t keep up.  Check out Redwood Sol, a tasty mix of funk, rock, reggae, and alternative rock to create a captivating sound reminiscent of 90s…  They’ll be in the 4-7pm block, might be a few of those numbers from Natural State of Things also appearing in the 7-10pm block.  Still working on the lovely music of Samuel […]

New Music

So much new music, Wonder, Margaret Wilder Band, The Sweet Goodbyes, Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount, Jessie Thoreson’s new album, Samuel Orson, Valerie June, The Lumineers, Sylvan Esso, and more.  We fund this music out of our own pockets to show our support for local music so the acquisition is slow but sure, we add new artists all the time but I tend […]

Format overhaul and New Shows

New Shows – New to us but we are so pleased to have her, Bellingham Art Beats on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm, we’ll be airing her 1st season, so if you missed them, catch them now.  Fridays at 3:30 tune in for Holly St. Icons – the background stories on businesses on Holly St.  If you miss one, you can catch it on the Local […]

Commercial St Night Market Recap

If you don’t catch our recap of the night market on the station listen to it here.  I had a busy evening talking to visitors and vendors alike.  This will be a monthly show and I’ll be at each night market with a special giveaway if you catch up with me either at my table or wandering the market.  I’ll make it easy for you, […]

New Music for 5/21

Each week I try to add new PNW musicians to our library.  This week I found a bunch of new ones, and a second album by Yogoman Burning Band.  You can find them featured in the 1-4 timeslot, and scattered throughout the day.   Fair Warning – This is an eclectic mix, from Alternative to pop there is a bit of everything in this bag […]

New page added – Local Shows

The Local Shows page will include uploads of all the shows produced by KPNW-DB staff.  Pacifica Networks shows are not included, as well as any independent content that is shared with us for airing on KPNW-DB. Check out the “Stories from the Collective” shows, this is an ongoing series that will be updated frequently, so if you miss it on the air on Wednesdays at […]