Format overhaul and New Shows

New Shows – New to us but we are so pleased to have her, Bellingham Art Beats on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm, we’ll be airing her 1st season, so if you missed them, catch them now.  Fridays at 3:30 tune in for Holly St. Icons – the background stories on businesses on Holly St.  If you miss one, you can catch it on the Local […]

Commercial St Night Market Recap

If you don’t catch our recap of the night market on the station listen to it here.  I had a busy evening talking to visitors and vendors alike.  This will be a monthly show and I’ll be at each night market with a special giveaway if you catch up with me either at my table or wandering the market.  I’ll make it easy for you, […]

New Music for 5/21

Each week I try to add new PNW musicians to our library.  This week I found a bunch of new ones, and a second album by Yogoman Burning Band.  You can find them featured in the 1-4 timeslot, and scattered throughout the day.   Fair Warning – This is an eclectic mix, from Alternative to pop there is a bit of everything in this bag […]

New page added – Local Shows

The Local Shows page will include uploads of all the shows produced by KPNW-DB staff.  Pacifica Networks shows are not included, as well as any independent content that is shared with us for airing on KPNW-DB. Check out the “Stories from the Collective” shows, this is an ongoing series that will be updated frequently, so if you miss it on the air on Wednesdays at […]

Bandcamp Additions 5/5/17

New Music added this week, listen between 1-4pm for a mix of the following artists: Cataldo, with their new album Keepers Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes Hot Damn Scandal – Strange tongues JP Falcon Grady – First Pow Wow Peter James Band – Can’t Hold Back Anymore The Dip – The Dip  Timothy Royle – Dodge The Hammer. This is an eclectic mix so you […]

Artists added 4/26

Well, someone whispered in my ear that Funk is cool, so we added a few new to us bands to the schedule, Yogoman Burning Band with their album Beam Me Up!, Snug Harbor’s: This is Snug, and Snug Harbor, Snapshot with One, The Dip with Won’t be Coming Back, The Savanna Underground with Petals of Yellow Fire, and a whole bunch of music by Cascadia […]

Special time for New Artists

Each month we’ll have special programming from 1-4 pm that will feature new artists added in the last month. So here’s your chance to catch them in a more focused way. Check them out and let us know your favorites on FB or send us an email at

Bandcamp Additions – 4/17

A special shout out here to Local Ghost who contacted me today, they are a terrific Bellingham Band we quickly added to our daytime playlist. You can also check them out on Bandcamp or on their website Additionally we have some other new folks: Maddy Smith, Jesse Thoreson, Jes Raymond & The Blackberry bushes, and Lonely Mountain Lovers. As always, PNW artists, and you […]

Bandcamp additions

Supporting PNW artists is important to us here at KPNW-DB so here’s the list of Bandcamp artists added to our playlist 4/1 – 4/15. All from the PNW. Bradford Loomis – Bravery and the Bell Breaks & Swells – Breaks and Swells EP Brenda Xu – Overflow Damon Buxton – A Trick of the Light Deep Sea Diver – Secrets Shawn Smith – Shield of […]

Tune In

You can now find us on Tune In, search for us under PNW Radio or KPNW-DB, you’ll find us. Enjoy, and always feel free to send us band names that might like to be included.