Updates, new music and more

It’s been a busy summer, trying to suppport 2 stations has been a bit of a struggle but getting closer to being able to spend some serious time on KPNW-DB.  You can visit with us at the Commercial St. Night Market on August 18th downtown or email us anytime, or visit our Facebook page KPNW-DB and leave a message there.  Our FB page could use a few more likes 🙂

The music mix has been updated, we’ve added a whole much of light rock during the day mixed up with solo artists, nice mix for going about your day.  In the evenings we are bringing you blues and jazz, after 10 it’s time for  hard rock, alternative, and some off the wall stuff like melodysheep (check them out on Bandcamp).  On the weekends from 1-7 the music shifts gears to country, americana, bluegrass and folk.  So if that’s your gig you know where to find them.

Our talk radio calendar keeps shifting as we try to find high quality programming that covers the issues in a timely manner.  We are always open to suggestions for programs, we are also beginning work on a local news program to bring you some headlines in local news each morning.

On our links page you will find Music venue links that will take you to either a venue’s calendar or FB page.  If you know of any others please email me at music@kpnw-db.org, can add them if you don’t tell me. 🙂

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