Local Shows

Once a locally produced show airs, you can come here and share them with other folks or just give them a listen.

hamster Highlights

Bellingham small business hightlights will bring you stories of small businesses around Bellingham.  We will be focusing on newer businesses and businesses owned by young folk.


Into the Arts 

We’ll be bringing you interviews from all walks of the life called art.  Music, theatre, film, and more.



Holly Street Icons

Interviews with business located along Holly Street that have been there for many years or who are housed in Iconic buildings in our downtown, they all have interesting stories to tell.


A Walk Through the Night Market

Stories of the Commercial St. Night Market visitors and vendors.  Through a partnership with the night market catch up on the various vendors and visitors to the market, need to find info on a vendor you saw at the market, just might find it here.


Street Food

Interviews with Food Truck/Cart owners in Bellingham.  This is a show that is under development, there is one available at this time.


Stories From the Collective

The ongoing stories of The Kindling Collective which is an entrepreneurship and innovation cooperative created by a group of young entrepreneurs. Members share costs to meet their website, marketing, accounting and software needs. This is a young organization and I hope you enjoy their stories and consider supporting their projects.