hamster Highlights

Bellingham Small Business Highlights

Ep 2. The crew from Johnny’s Donuts stopped by. 

We discussed how they worked through business struggles, found creative outlets through their donuts, and their future plans to better serve their favorite people- you!  You can find out about daily specials, what’s happening and more on their facebook page, just search for Johnny’s Donuts, oh, same on Instagram for lots of yummy pictures of food.


Ep 1. The Story of Sarah Rorvig and the Vivaluxx School of Makeup Art was our first episode of this new show. 

She shared with us her development as a makeup artist and the opening of her school Vivaluxx which is focused on teaching flawless application and encouraging creative freedom for the students to practice and perfect their techniques for applying stunning makeup and body art.  find out more at: https://www.vivaluxx.com/